The company starts with trousers production for the most important Italian retails, such as La Rinascente, Standa and Upim.


The company stars production for the American market, creating a real business consolidation: first relationships with Donna Karan NY and HSM-Hart Shaffner Marx.


The family business gives life to Di.Conf. srl. It develops and amplifies the relations with the American market: real expansion of the size business for both turnover and employment.


Di.Conf. extends the production to the outerwear and jackets: quality of the product is improved, the company’s core business now is the commercialization of private labels, such as Ralph Lauren, Brook’s Brothers, Saks Fifth Av., Barney’s, Nordstrom.


Thanks to the dynamic partnership with specialized technicians of the brands, the company improves the production of a made in Italy garment that meets higher quality standards and, concurrently with this evolution, it starts to operate in the market with an own brand Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli.

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